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The first BikeSharing exchange is a fact! Guess where it happened (of all places…)?

In Kaunas, Lithuania!

Tyler (25) from Malaysia took part in the first BikeSharing exchange in the history of the world! We asked him a couple of questions:


Why did you need a bicycle in Kaunas?

To go on a bike ride with some friends.

How long did you need the bicycle for?

Just for 2-3 hours.

Did the exchange go smoothly?

Yes, it was very easy. The bike owner was waiting for me at the bus stop, we chatted on our way to his place to get the bike. He even offered me a map of the city.

Did you cycle together with the bike owner?


Can you tell us, in short, your experience with the exchange?

There’s no bike sharing offered by the city of Kaunas, like in other big cities (e.g. New York, Rio). Going to a bike rental shop would cost more than I was willing to pay for just for a quick Sunday ride with some friends.

I tried looking for someone that would offer me a bike on Couchsurfing, and I found a link to your BikeSharing website. Not expecting anyone to have posted in Kaunas, I was surprised to find someone with a bike. I messaged him on BikeSharing and CS; he replied pretty quickly. He was cool about it, so it was a good and pleasant experience.

Would you use the system again?


Did you write a reference for the bike owner? If so, what did it say?

“Super cool and chill guy. He waited for me at the bus stop near his place and took me to get his bike. He was thoughtful enough to provide me with a map too! Oh, and the bike was a good one, so I had a great time.”


Thank you Tyler, for believing in our platform and being the first to try it out in real life!

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Keep cycling!
The BikeSharing team

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Written by: Ine


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