3 months in… Where are we at?

BikeSharing launched about three and a half months ago and since then a lot has changed. The word is spreading and people keep joining at a steady pace. But who are these people? Where do they live, how many of them have a bike on offer and what types of bike are we talking about? Let’s dive into some statistics…




Below is the top 15 of countries where our users are:

Country Total users
United States 64
Belgium 43
Germany 23
UK 22
Hungary 20
Austria 20
Australia 19
Poland 17
Spain 17
Denmark 15
France 14
Netherlands 12
Slovakia 10
Switzerland 9
Czech Republic 9
Greece 8
India 7
Italy 6
Lithuania 6




The total number of bicycles today is 176, which means that less than half of the users have a bike at their disposal. Men’s city bikes (51) are widely available, as well as women’s city bikes (33). Men’s mountainbikes are also easy to find (32), with women’s mountainbikes (13) and road bikes (16) being somewhat less well represented. Other bikes that are currently available are touring bikes (13), folding bicycles (3), special needs bikes (2) and 1 recumbent bike.

We are growing slowly, and we can still use your help. Feel free to share the existence BikeSharing with your friends, family and other cycling aficionados.

And last but not least: thank you for your support. We could not be doing this without you. You are amazing!
The BikeSharing team

Web developer, founder and creator of BikeSharing.
Written by: Maarten


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